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Jason first recognized he had a strong interest in sculpture while working at a bronze casting foundry in 1993. Never before being exposed to art, he soon learned that this experience would change his life forever. The process of casting and applying patina’s was so inspiring to him that he began spending late hours after work creating and casting his own pieces.
Within a few years he had created a small body of work and most importantly established his own recognizable style. Since wildlife had always been a strong influence in his life, he chose to focus on it and show each animals character in a way no other artist had.

Today, Jason is known around the globe for his stylized collection of wildlife sculptures. His smooth surfaces, graceful lines and carefully selected high polished areas accentuate motion and give life to some of nature’s most beloved subjects. Jason applies a patina finish to suit each animal and are so unique they have given him a reputation amongst his collectors and peers alike. His trademark patina finishes have taken years of experimentation to develop and along with his distinct style have gained him notoriety in the art world.

Jason is even more passionate today about his work and strives to make an impact with each new piece. The challenges of working in bronze seems to be a driving force for Jason and continues to be his medium of choice. Its strength, permanence and ability to produce color are important qualities. However, the expression of the form and the feeling it portrays is most crucial and must be presented in such a way that it evokes emotion in all of us.


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