Bryce Pettit

Summer School - Study | Bronze | Mama Bear - 15" x 25" Cubs range 15" in height for the tallest one, 13" in width for the widest one

Artist's Biography

Bryce Pettit was born in northern Utah and grew up surrounded by nature and the outdoors. He has always been captivated by nature and has always had the desire to express the wonder and energy he finds around him. Bryce is a lifelong outdoorsman, naturalist and fisherman. Ever since he can remember Bryce has had a passion for creating art. He grew up drawing and painting, but when he first discovered sculpture, a deep connection was forged, “I could never get enough and took every opportunity to learn and practice.”

Trained as both an artist and a biologist, he uses strong lines and sound design principles to express his feelings about the natural world. Bryce studied biology, ecology and art both at an undergraduate and graduate level at BYU. His expertise in the understanding of biology and aquatic ecosystems reflects in all his sculptures. He spends many hours observing and experiencing nature in an effort to better understand his subject and to improve his art. For Bryce his art the culmination of his knowledge, feeling and love of nature.

Bryce has received various national and regional awards and has sculptures in public and private collections throughout the country as well as being a member of The Society of Animal Artists. Through serious art study and hard work, he is always striving to progress and improve his sculpting.

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