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After thirty years of working as a graphic designer in the Salt Lake City advertising market, Steve Larsen realized that the time had come to develop his talent as a painter.

In the summer of 2005, Steve sought instruction from the renowned Jim Wilcox in Grand Teton National Park at his very first workshop. Inspiration and technical skill learned from Wilcox began illuminating his way along an exciting, and even more enjoyable new career path.

Shortly after his workshop with Wilcox, Larsen started selling his paintings. As he accrued “brush mileage” (as he likes to call it), Larsen started noticing steady improvement and confidence in his paintings. 

To date, Steve’s Plein Air resumé includes two workshops with Jim Wilcox in the Grand Tetons (2005 and 2007), one in Central Utah with Bonnie Posselli (2009) and a Scottsdale Art Institute class taught by the master of light and color, and a workshop with John Poon (2011). Larsen’s pursuit is to paint in more and more workshops as time and money permit.

Steve has only entered a few painting competitions since turning professional, but each time has walked away with an award. His most recent accolade was winning the “2012 Paint America Grand Prize Purchase Award” with his Schwabacher Landing Study.

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