Amy Lay

Nobleman | Charcoal & Oil | 60" x 72"

Artist's Biography

Amy Lay’s paintings have been described as vibrant, loose and comfortable. With oil paint and pencil on canvas, Lay captures the very essence of her subject matter.

Lay is inspired by her experiences of growing up in the shadow of the Eagle Cap Wilderness of Northeastern Oregon. It was here that Amy developed an intimate love and fascination for the animals and wildlife on the ranch that her family has lived on for five generations.

Primarily self-taught but grateful for her Art Degree from Eastern Oregon University, Amy has worked hard to turn her childhood dream to reality.

Lay’s bold and dynamic use of color enhances her powerful yet simple design. Her paintings have an ephemeral quality that has been developed through years of painting strictly in watercolor. Her signature aesthetic dances the line between realism and abstraction, traditional and contemporary.

Amy Lay’s contemporary spin on the traditional subject matter is injecting fresh energy into the art scene in Jackson.

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+1 859-795-9217
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