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Micheal Ome Untiedt

Born and raised in rural southeastern Colorado, Michael Ome Untiedt maintains a studio in Denver. Through the color, brush strokes, and symbolic subject matter of his paintings, he attempts to examine the human predicament and its connections to the landscape. Traveling widely, he is known as a painter that sees with a Westerners’ eyes. 

"Many of my paintings have the look and feel of the American West...that is because the West is the place where I was born and raised. I know the rattle of cottonwoods on a cold fall morning, the hue of dusk's long light on a buffalo grass prairie; I have drank the cold drip of a blue shale spring. These things have nurtured me from my birth, and coyotes, God's Dogs, have howled their essence into my soul."

 He was recently made an honorary Ranger captain with the Former Texas Ranger Foundation, Fredericksburg, TX for his historical paintings of the the Texas Rangers. He was awarded the 2014 Art Committee Choice Award during the Briscoe Museum’s “Night of the Artist” Art Show in San Antonio, TX, and the 2014 Wells Fargo Gold Award at the Buffalo Bill Art Auction, Cody, WY, and the Western Masters 2016 Western Star Award in Bozeman, MT. In 2006 he was awarded the Tuffy Berg Award at The CM Russell Auction in Great Falls, MT. 

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