Ty Barhaug

Royalty | Oil | 24" x 46"

Artist's Biography

Committed to his native state of Wyoming as a place to live and paint, he depicts dramatic mountain landscapes as well as wildlife in his paintings from his studio in Cody. He does much preparatory work outside, often traveling by dog sled pulled by the many sled dogs he owns.

He grew up in Cody in a family where his father was an artist, and they lived in a rural setting where he learned to love the exploration of the great expanse of the outdoors. He wrangled for an outfitter and also worked in an art gallery that sent him to framing school in Mississippi. While beginning to paint, he paid the bills with carpentry and contracting, and finally, he built his home and large studio on the edge of town. In 1996, he became a full-time artist.

His mentors have been Robert Pummel in Kerrville, Texas, and Gary Fitzler in Jackson, Wyoming. He is a four-time winner of the Jurors’ Choice Award at the Buffalo Bill Art Show in Cody, Wyoming. Barhaug was the 1999 winner of the People’s Choice Award, as well as the C.M. Russell Auction, where he was the winner of the 1999 Ralph “Tuffy” Berg Award.



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