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“I want to tell a story.
The story of life and nature. Not only to others but aswell to myself.
And the best way for me to tell this, is with paint and paper, … through my art.
This story is about the ‘circle of life’, where we, like animals and plants, are part of.
Anyone understands the essence of a circle, it works best if it remains unbroken.
As humans, we have an essential task in this circle. The task of conservation.

I hope that my art, helps people to realize in what a wonderful world we live in. 
And especially that we have to make an effort to preserve it.

Beauty inspires, helps people to see and open their hearts.

You have to see animals with your own eyes, in the wild, if you want to capture the true essence of their character while creating a painting.” 

Renso Tamse, born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, was drawing and painting at an early age. He always knew he wanted to be an artist and was especially fond of nature. At the Rotterdam Academy of Visual Arts he found out he wanted to find his own way. Abstraction and modern art did not interest him. His preference was realistic drawing and painting. 

What Renso really wanted, was to paint wild, mysterious natural landscapes and the animals who live there, to tell his and their story.

The work is increasingly conceptual and has multiple layers in meaning, and is always about emotion.

He constantly travels around the world in search of beautiful areas to lose himself in wonder.”

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