Mountain Trails Gallery

Jordyn Payne

Jordyn Payne represents the third generation of professional artists in her family. While they’re known mainly for representational western sculpture, Jordan, 23, travels a different road with her exuberant, impressionistic landscapes.

Her love for the outdoors has inspired her to paint what she loves and her emotions pour out onto her thickly painted, colorful canvases. Growing up surrounded by the majestic Colorado mountains and traveling to beautiful natural places such as Alaska has given Jordan the desire and inspiration she needs to paint.

The natural beauty she sees around her lives in her memory and heart, to be expressed on the canvas every chance she gets. Jordyn feels blessed to have been mentored by her talented and accomplished father, Vic Payne, and brother, Dustin Payne. “But even so,” says Jordyn, “talent takes hard work, lots of endurance and patience, and most of all, a real love for what you do. That’s what proves how far you’re willing to take your dream.”

Jordan was recently awarded the 2014 Gilly Fales Fine Art Award at the Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale.

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