Mountain Trails Gallery

Sally Maxwell

Scratchboard is her passion, wildlife her subject. Sally Maxwell has worked in this medium for over 40 years, becoming a true Master.  She pioneered the use of color early on. Her first works were published under her pen name of Sally Miller and appeared as open edition prints, fine art limited editions as well as collector plates and figurines. A move to the state of Texas prompted a major change in her life and has been reflected in her art. Finding a new type of scratchboard, “Scratchbord”, being produced just an hour from her home led to teaming up with the manufacturer of the product and she has created 30 how-to kits, as well as writing 3 instructional books and one DVD with them. They are marketed thru all art supply stores and catalogs. She is the “Master of” as well as “Pioneer in” the medium, constantly developing new techniques.

She travels with her digital camera and is constantly viewing life thru her artist’s eye. She is still unmatched in this medium. Secretly she knows so many more techniques are yet to be discovered, but realizing that just gives her more reason to be.

She has had many awards, One-Woman shows, and shows her works at major Juried Art Shows, Dallas Safari Club and in her Texas studio. Sally’s works are in private and corporate collections worldwide, and are currently shown in galleries throughout the United States.


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