Dan Deuter

Protective Patriarch | Oil | 36" x 48"

Artist's Biography

Dan Deuter was born and raised on the family cattle ranch in South Dakota. He grew up as a cowboy, breaking horses and working cattle. Although he has been drawing and doing artwork all of his life he really didn’t start his art career until he was 21.

To enhance his art career Dan has worked many different jobs including cowboy, hunting guide in Alaska and Colorado, Director of the Ft. Uncompahgre Living History Museum (an 1830’s style trading post), buffalo hunter and has been featured on several different TV programs. Dan has also modeled for many of the western artists that are working today.

Most of the oil paintings that Dan produces are generally done from his own life experiences, especially the buffalo hunting and cowboy scenes. His paintings, known for their authenticity and action, hang in art collections worldwide. Dan and his wife, Ellie, live on their small ranch in western Colorado and still ride every chance they get.


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