Mountain Trails Gallery

Maura Allen

Since the 19th Century, realistic landscapes, portrait paintings and life-like bronzes by Frederic Remington and Charles M Russell have defined the Western art genre. While my work starts with the realistic through my photography, the result is a dramatic departure from the genre’s traditional roots.

The dominant theme of my work is life and landscape of the American West. The mythology of the West – solitude, strength, discipline, individualism, pride and promise – provide a source of imagery and inspiration.

To create my work, I draw on more than 20 years experience in black and white photography. Like a journalist, I photograph in order to capture moments and elements that portray current day life. Using the serigraph (silkscreen) printmaking process, I am able to stretch beyond the photographic media and work on a variety of surfaces, layer images and incorporatae color and create rich textures.

Silhouette and high contrast imagery characteristic of serigraph printing gives my work a bold and simple appearance at first glance; yet, over time, the detail and complexity of each piece continue to be revealed.


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