Mountain Trails Gallery

Mark Edward Adams

A hallmark of a true artist is the ability to capture complex emotions in their purest and simplest form. The subtle emphasis of key expressive elements can result in a piece that comes together as an articulate vision. I have always had a great passion and fascination for animals. As artistic subjects, they can be the ideal vehicles to convey the joys and tragedies of life. I strive to make my sculptures modern, exciting, and personally relevant while drawing on a foundation of classical Italian art. I hope to capture the essence of a story in a simple and elegant manner that connects with people on a personal level.

Mark Edward Adams was born in Tucson, Arizona and raised in the Phoenix area in a family full of artists and musicians. Despite his initial artistic influence, Mark gravitated toward science and earned a B.A. in Chemistry from the University of San Diego followed by a M.S. in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania. While working as a scientist, Mark discovered his passion for sculpture and began his journey into the world of art. He traveled to Italy to study classical sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art and then to Arizona to study modern sculpture at the Scottsdale Artists’ School. He studied with several renowned artists including Rod Zullo and Stanley Bleifeld. Among these artists the American wildlife sculptor Rod Zullo continued to mentor him on his journey. Mark currently lives and works in San Diego, California.


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