Adam Hansen

Artist's Biography

A Utah native, Adam was born fourth–the only boy–out of six kids. In high school, he was asked to create a section of a mural in the school cafeteria to represent his class. He politely declined, as it would have interfered with important matters like pizza and hockey practice.

After two years of studying exercise sciences at the University of Utah, he visited France and fell in love with the masterpieces of the Louvre—deciding on the spot that he would change his major to painting. He considers himself fortunate to have studied with John Erickson and John O’Connell and cites them both as influences on his work. After graduating with a BFA in 2005, he further advanced his education by studying with renowned painter, Jeff Hein. If he’s not in his Salt Lake studio, he’s probably asleep.

Artist Statement:

“I always find it difficult to apply words to a visual language. I guess I would simply say that I’m not after beauty—that is, beauty in the classical sense. I paint tattoos and suburbia, cell phones and self-absorption; our society in this time, warts and all. Using themes of indifference, nostalgia, isolation, and others, I strive to honestly portray some small slice of the human experience as I see it. How successful I am at this is anyone’s guess, but these are the concepts that inform my work.

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+1 859-795-9217
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